IPAC Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Gold Medal Winners

Award established in 1986 and first presented in 1987.


1987:  Richard Baxter, Exec. Director, Rehabilitation Services, Saskatchewan Social Services

1988:  Dr. Leo Kristjanson, President, University of Saskatchewan

1989:  Jack Sutherland, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation

1990:  Art Wakabayashi, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Finance

1991:  Joe Moran, Exec. Director, Wascana Centre Authority

1992:  Terry Thompson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Justice

1993: The Native Law Centre at the University of Saskatchewan the first team to win the award, the first year that teams were eligible.

1994:  Dr. Harry Hill, Director General, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration

1995: Bland Brown, Senior Director, Environment & Infrastructure for the City of Regina

1996:  Duane Adams, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Health

1997:  Jim Hutch, President, Saskatchewan Research Council

1998:  Ray Clayton, Deputy Minister, Energy & Mines

1999:  Bill Hewitt, Manager, Protective Services &       Chief of the Saskatoon Fire Department

2000:  Crown Investments Corporation, Strategic Management Team

2001:  Cliff Wright, City of Saskatoon

2002:  V. Lynne Pearson, University of Saskatchewan

2003:  Dan Perrins, Deputy Minister to the Premier, Government of Saskatchewan

2004:  Bob Linner, Manager, City of Regina

2005:  Executive Management Team, Farm Credit Canada

2006:  Dr. Gregory P. Marchildon, Professor & Canada Research Chair, Graduate School of Pubic Policy, University of Regina

2007:  Mike Shaw, Associate Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Health

2008: Calvin Stanley Johnston, Chief of Police, City of Regina (Ret’d)

2009: Pursuing Excellence Team, Five Hills Health Region

2010: Doug Moen, Deputy Minister to the Premier, Government of Saskatchewan

2011: Patricia Youzwa, Past President and CEO of SaskPower

2012: Dr. Michael Atkinson, Past Executive Director of the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS)

2013: Sharon Lee Smith, Assistant Deputy Minister, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD)

2014: Ron Styles, President and CEO, SaskTel

2015: Clare Isman, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance

2016: Chief Clive Weighill, Chief of Police, Saskatoon Police Service

2017: Ken Acton, Executive-in-Residence, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS)